We are Team Shuster!  We are a busy, active family who puts fitness and nutrition on the top of our list.  We started this blog to document our weight loss journey and not only have we hit our goals but we have continued to make and reach new goals all the time.  Eating right and getting premium nutrition into our bodies are keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

We work out 5 days a week and we push our bodies to the extreme when we run marathons.  We need to fuel our bodies to be able to endure all we put it through.  We are firm believers that food fuels the body and the world today has way too many processed foods in it.  We aim to eat the foods the earth provides and stay away from boxed processed foods.  Too many people are on a “diet” all their lives.  We believe you can eat real, normal, yummy foods while being healthy and losing weight.

Meal planning and meal prep keep us on track and maintain our healthy lifestyle.  We set up our kitchen every week with meal prep for easy grab and go meals and snacks.  A little prep goes a long way to keep you from running out and grabbing fast food.  Our daughter is also involved in all our meal prep and we couldn’t be happier to teach her at a young age to fuel her body for success.

There is more to life than counting calories and eating salads every day!  Get off that diet roller coaster, get active, and check out some of our healthy and delicious meals.  We were made to do so much more than just survive in life – We were made to THRIVE!

We are also small business owners and DIYers. We like to refer to this as Weekend Warriors. There is always another project to get done or organization and cleaning to keep up with. We have a busy house to say the least, 2 dogs, 2 ferrets, 3 leopard geckos. Building things and doing projects is our passion. Our business was founded on this concept. You can check us out here. Elliefont Styles

Thank you for visiting our site.  We love to hear from our readers!  Follow along with our adventures from meal planning to home projects.  Please leave comments, send us an email, or find us on social media.  If you meal prep or make recipes we post, share them with us on Instagram or Facebook and tag us #TeamShuster

Who We Are

Healthy and fit without a diet. We eat normal food that we enjoy and don’t deprive ourselves.

It’s all about moderation.

Fitness Junkies. We have our own home gym with treadmill and Peloton. Easier to stay on track.

Yes – we are total Peloaddicts.

Business Owners. We run own own business and balance work life with family life.

Work hard – Play harder.

Let’s build something together.

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