How do you fit it all in?

This week our kiddo went back to school.  This summer went by way to fast.  I know I say that every year but I just really enjoy my time with her.  We have had such a great summer and we didn’t even travel much at all.  I think sometimes those are the best summers.  Getting her back on track was tough.  She is a night owl like I am and she has enjoyed staying up late and sleeping in.  Those 7am wake up calls are going to be hard to adjust to.


I love that I have been able to spend the summer with her and still be able to work.  Working our own business is a blessing.  I can work around any schedule we make.  It has been fantastic, especially over the summer when our schedule was all over the place.  I will admit that with the kiddo back in school it does make it easier to get workouts in.  Having a home gym makes this so much easier with the kiddo home for the summer.  I don’t have to tote her around to get to the gym.

Just like anything else in life, it is all a juggling act and balancing it all out takes a little creativity at times.  We set out priorities and go from there.  Our child is of course our first priority, but so is our health and our business.  We make time for our child.  We make time to get workouts in.  We make time to work.    

I always find it funny when people tell me they do not understand how I have so much time to get workouts in while working from home and having my kiddo home with me all summer.  Simple really – I make it a priority.  We all have the same number of hours in a day.  It is what we all do with those hours that make our days different.   I take 1 hour a day for myself.  This is my workout time.  This is my sanity time.  This is where I will listen to a webinar or a motivational speaker while I run or workout.  This is where I release stress and build myself into a better person not only physically but mentally and emotionally.  So many people tell me they cannot run on a treadmill because it is boring.  Try multitasking while you are on a treadmill.  It will make the time go by so much faster.  Personal development and treadmill running are two of my favorite things to multitask.

Also I do not have a commute either.  That is the beauty of working from home.  I do not have to commute to and from an office.  I do not have to drop my kiddo off at daycare.  I do not have to adhere to anyone else’s schedule.  I make the schedule.  So that makes it easier to make time for workouts and work hours.

I also get up earlier than my kiddo does and I get in my work hours.  I focus on what needs to be done for the day while she is still sleeping.  I set up what needs to be done for the business.  I do things that are productive.  Don’t get wrapped up in the noise of the internet.  Focus on the task and get it done.  It is all about time management.  Once you are finished you have time to play.  I also stay up late and get additional work done as needed.  We make it all work out.

So now that the kiddo is back in school we will adjust to her school schedule and sports.  This all gets put on the calendar and workouts and work hours all get scheduled around that.  I will adjust to doing most of this while she is in school so it is all pay time when she is home.  I love it!

I am not a very structured person when it comes to times and schedules.  In fact, most of the time I fly by the seed of my pants and just wing it.  I play it out as the day goes by.  I make play dates for the same day just hours away.  We are spontaneous and that is always fun but priorities always get done first.  So make things priorities!  Your whole day does not have to be scheduled to a tee – just the things that are most important.  You will be surprised how much you can fit in your day when you make things priorities.

We would love to hear from our followers.  How do you fit it all in?  Let us know what your priorities are and how you make it all work or any other things you recommend.  Take pictures or videos, drop us a line and share with us on Facebook  #TeamShuster, Twitter @Team_Shuster, or Instagram @TeamShuster.

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