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Years ago a friend of mine told me about these pills and patch she was taking and wanted me to try them.  I listened to her but had no real interest in it or looking into it any further and probably wasn’t listening very well.  Fast forward to Jan 2017 – it is the new year, my job is stressing me out, the holidays have stressed me out, finances are stressing me out – and my friend mentions to me again about these pills. Not the time I want to hear about them again.  I tell her I do not like taking pills and I do not like taking something that is not really needed.  I do not want to take any diet pills.  I know how to eat right and exercise to keep my body in shape and loose weight.  I know how to meal prep and I don’t think I need any magic pills to help with all that.  She then tells me that this is not a diet pill and that it is all natural.  Okay so I am paying attention to what she is saying this time around but I am 100% skeptical.  My stomach does not handle pills well and 100% of the time when I take pills I cannot  go to the bathroom for days afterwards.  I already take supplements on a daily basis – multi vitamin, glucosamine, calcium, vitamin D and magnesium, fish oil, and baby aspirin. So what can she possibly have that I would be interested in?  She hands me free samples to try and tell me to have Dana try them too.  She tells me to look it up and let her know what I thought. I kept thinking to myself – What is this stuff?

She explains to me that this is a 3 part system – pills, shake, and DFT patch (Derma Fusion Technology) – and they all work together to supplement your bodies nutritional gaps.  So I go and look it all up.  There are all kinds of reviews on this stuff both positive and negative – just like anything else out there.  I look up the ingredients.  Basically THRIVE is a wellness supplement system.

It is a nutritional supplement to help fill the nutritional gaps in your diet.  It aids in

Nothing in this seems to be of major concern to me or throwing up any red flags so I call my doctor friend.  Tell her what it is and read the ingredients to her and ask her what she thinks.  She said she doesn’t see anything she would be concerned about and to take it with caution and she was going to look into it more for herself.  The DFT patch peaked her interest.

So I start THRIVE! The first day I take 1 pill, half a shake packet, and add a DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) patch.  I take the pill as soon as I wake up and 20 minutes later I take the shake and add the DFT patch after my shower.  I was fully waiting for this to upset my stomach and to my surprise it never did.  I don’t feel a huge change as I go about my day but I do feel like I have more energy and I feel more thirsty.  Day 2 I do the same thing and feel pretty good, about the same as day 1.  Still no upset stomach and I was able to go to the bathroom with no issues, pleasantly surprised.  I noticed I slept better that night and considering I do not sleep very well to begin with, that was a plus.  Day 3 I bump up to 2 pills, half a shake packet, and the DFT patch.  To my surprise, still no upset stomach and I had bathroom time as normal.  I notice I do not have the 3pm crash of “OMG I AM TIRED”!  Awesome!

The shake is not a meal replacement and it is not the best tasting on its own but I have definitely had way worse.  I tend to have a texture issue when it comes to food. LOL I thought I was going to puke the first time I mixed it with water, I just couldn’t do it plain.  I did find a perfect blend though. It is vanilla flavored and I have found mixing it with 8oz. of orange juice makes it taste like a creamsicle!  So much better.

Fast forward and I am now on day 10.  I feel great!  I never once have felt jittery or racey.  I don’t feel like I am on speed or going a mile a minute.  I do feel like I am more alert and have more energy.  I notice that I feel less stressed and more calm.  I am more patient and positive.  I do not crash halfway thru the day and I sleep much better than I have in years.  My knees do not ache the way they have and I am running again without pain.  This is huge for me!  Now also keep in mind that I live a pretty active lifestyle and I eat pretty healthy as well as work out 4 -5 times a week.  I am continuing to workout and eat healthy and I have added the THRIVE system as a nutritional supplement to my life.  We ordered our first month shipment and it arrived in 2 days.  D and I are both on it and we LOVE it!

THRIVE IS NOT A MAGIC WEIGHT LOSS PILL!!  That is not what it is designed to do so if that is what you are looking for you need to keep looking and good luck finding it.  THRIVE is designed as a nutritional supplement and should be used in addition to a healthy lifestyle.  We all have nutritional gaps and no matter how healthy you eat you cannot give your body every thing it needs.  Most people take supplements already to help fill those gaps and help their body run to its fullest potential and feel its best.  Like any other product in this world – THRIVE may not work for everyone and everyone is different and may have different results.  As for me and my results so far – I am thrilled and I would highly recommend you give it a try.

The THRIVE Experience is a premium daily lifestyle plan to help individuals experience and reach peak physical & mental levels. You’re going to live, look, and feel Ultra Premium like never before! Results from the THRIVE Experience are high impact, and can differ slightly from person to person, depending on your goals, and which areas of your lifestyle need the most help. The THRIVE Experience will get you THRIVIN in all areas of your life! Individuals on the Experience will enjoy premium support and benefits.

THRIVE by Le-Vel is something that’s hard to explain, and challenging to describe… it’s something that can only be experienced.

If you want to give it a try or check out all the ingredients in Thrive go here –> THRIVE

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